Submission Forms must be received by January 6, 2017  Deadline extended to January 7, 2017!


  • Please see Submission Criteria for full details on work parameters.
  • So that there is enough room for each artist to show we ask that your work be no larger than 12 inches in any direction. It can be smaller, it can be an odd shaped, it can be 3D, but no larger than 12 inches.

2D WORK (included painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, etc.)

  • All 2D work needs to arrive READY TO HANG
  • Make sure it is no larger 12 inch x 12 inches in any direction


  • All 3D work must be no bigger than 12 inches in any direction

NEW MEDIA (sound, video, performance)

  • Accepted on case-by-case basis in consideration of logistics

PRICE: Must be between $30-$300