Below are details for our local San Diego iteration of the Nasty Women exhibition.

We welcome anyone who identifies with being a Nasty Woman and want this exhibition to include a spectacular diverse rainbow of Nasty Women so please spread the word!


Because of the huge amount of interest already generated in our sister cities we have decided this exhibition will be completely INCLUSIVE. If you follow the submission guidelines your work will be featured in the exhibition. Our curatorial team will coordinate with you and facilitate its presentation – but no work will be rejected UNLESS IT DOES NOT MEET THE SUBMISSION CRITERIA BELOW OR IF WE RUN OUT OF ROOM DUE TO THE AMAZING AMOUNT OF NASTINESS IN SAN DIEGO.

If you are not sure whether or not your work meets the below criteria, please shoot us a message and we will be in touch!

When: Exhibition Runs Jan. 21-28, 2017

Where: Helmuth Projects, San Diego, CA

Opening Reception: Jan. 21 from 2 – 8 PM

Closing Reception: Jan. 28, from 6-9 PM

OTHER VENUES: NASTY WOMEN ART EXHIBITIONS should happen in multiple venues throughout the country – please see OTHER VENUES section of the New York show if you want to organize one!


The works in this exhibition will be available for sale – 100% of the sale will go to Planned ParenthoodThe San Diego LGBT Community Center, or La Maestra Community Health Centers.  

We ask you price your work between $30 – $300. We want to keep the prices very affordable so that many many people in attendance feel they are able to purchase one or multiple pieces in support of these important organizations.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SELL YOUR WORK we will still accept it because we understand how valuable it is to show your work as part in solidarity with other Nasty Women. We will mark your work NFS, however we ask that you then either:

  1. Donate a second work that can be sold
  2. Make a donation yourself to one of the organizations

Interested? Please read the submission criteria, and then fill out an online submission form! DEADLINE IS JANUARY 7, 2017.


So that there is enough room for each artist to show we ask that your work be no larger than 12 inches in any direction. It can be smaller, it can be an odd shaped, it can be 3D, but no larger than 12 inches.

2D WORK (included painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, etc.)

  • All 2D work needs to arrive READY TO HANG
  • Make sure it is no larger 12 inch x 12 inches in any direction


  • All 3D work must be no bigger than 12 inches in any direction

NEW MEDIA (sound, video, performance)

  • Accepted on case-by-case basis in consideration of logistics

PRICE Must be between $30-$300


We would like to include video for those of you who are video artists – we will either have small monitors or rear projection. Please be aware that depending on how many video entries we receive we may have to loop multiple works on one monitor/projection. We will of course provide the necessary information to the audience about authorship of each piece. If you have specific needs for new media work, please contact us.


Because of the large amount of those participating sound most likely will be presented on headphones. But please contact curatorial team to discuss specifics if you have alternate ideas.


We welcome writers and text artists to participate!!!! You can choose whichever medium above to best convey your work and follow those guidelines.


Submission Forms must be received by January 6, 2017. The work itself must be dropped off January 13 – 14, 2017.

Please fill out Submission Form. This includes:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Details of Work (title, date, size, media)
  3. Artist bio
  4. A short statement about either the work submitted or a more general statement about why you are participating.

If you do not feel comfortable providing any information beyond the practical contact and work details that is fine. If you wish to remain anonymous we can arrange that as well, but we must have your contact details (which will not be made public).

By submitting to the Nasty Women Exhibition you are agreeing to allow us to use your name and work image to help promote the exhibition. You are responsible for the drop off/shipping of your work, if it does not sell you are responsible for the pick up/shipping costs for its return.


We will have multiple dates/times during January 13 – 14 for work drop off at Helmuth Projects. These details will be sent with confirmation of your submission form. Please do not deliver or ship your work until you have received confirmation from the curatorial team.

If you are outside the San Diego area and cannot physically drop off work – you can ship it. HOWEVER if the work does not sell you will have to pay the cost for return shipment as well. Details for shipping will be sent with confirmation of your submission. Please make sure the work arrives the week of January 9th.

If your work does not sell in fundraiser (or is not for sale) we will again have various work pick up times. Or can ship work back to you (but you are responsible for shipping costs).


Submission Forms must be received by January 6, 2017. The work itself must be dropped off or shipped to arrive between January 13 – 14, 2017.