On January 21st San Diego organized a sister show of the Nasty Women Exhibition that launched in New York – a group exhibition to demonstrate solidarity among artists who identify with being a Nasty Woman in the face of threats to roll back women’s rights, individual rights, and abortion rights.

It also served as a fundraiser to support organizations defending these rights and and served as a platform for organization concurrent to Trump’s Presidential Inauguration weekend and Women’s Marches across the county.

About The Project

Started by Roxanne Jackson and Jessamyn Fiore with a facebook post that read:

Hello female artists/curators! Let’s organize a NASTY WOMEN group show!!! Who’s interested???

The massive response has taken this call to arms into building an ever-expanding network of Nasty Women Artists & Art Organizers that will culminate in multiple exhibitions. Below are details for our local San Diego iteration of the Nasty Women exhibition.

We welcome anyone who identifies with being a Nasty Woman and want this exhibition to include a spectacular diverse rainbow of Nasty Women so please spread the word!


Nasty Women Artists of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender or non-gender identifications, economic backgrounds, immigrants and non-immigrants.



Irene Abraham |  Michelle Ahearne | Leah Albert | Jennifer Anderson | Sara Angel | Lizzy Arden | Desiree Aspiras | Betty Bangs | Erin Behling |  Jennifer Anne Bennett | Devyn Bervid | Katina Bitsicas | Brina Bujkovsky | Bobbie Burns | Noreen Cabrera | Alexis Callender |  Lana Z Caplan | Airco Caravan | Tara Centybear | Rebecca Chernow | Judith Christensen | Leslie Cochran | Diana Corvelle | Loren Dann |  Marianela de la Hoz | Joy Dellas | Megan Dickerson | Sheena Dowling | Karla Duarte | Amy Eisenhower-Omholt | Ev. Feral Fagiola | Johanna Falzone |  Michelle Ferrera | Tatiana Florival | Chloe Fonda | Janine Free | Patricia Frischer | Esther Fuentes | Molly Gabbard | Julia Gray |  Denise Grimes | Janice Grinsell | Alexa Gross | Kathy Kapolka Gruzdas | Stacey Guthrie | Brandon Harrell | Alina Hayes | Norma Hill |  Daphne Hill | May Hoffman | Prudence Horne | Suda House | Laura Hurtado | Midge Hyde | Kathleen Kane-Murrell | Heidi Kayser |  Ashley Kim | Faith Knott | Hein Koh | Kaylee Koss | Georgia K. Laris | Ramolen Laruan | Judith Levi Wood | Linda Litteral |  Holly Lukasiewicz | Jessica McCambly | Megan McInnis | Bhavna Mehta | Astha Mehta | Edith Meijering | Suzanne Melendez |  Jen Merrill | Sofya Mikhaylova | Denise Oyama Miller | Carrie Minikel | Lori Mitchell | Kathleen Mitchell | Dragana Monson | Diolinda Monteiro |  Michelle Montjoy | Dana Montlack | Laurel Moorhead | Sara Morrison | Anne Murray | Xuchi Naungayan Eggleton | Kelley Ndoye | Danielle Nelisse |  Leslie Nemour | Katherine Powers Noland | Nikoo Nooryani | Michelle Nunes | Anna O’Cain | Tara O’Gorman | Robyn Oliver | Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio |  Susan Osborn | Ina Otzko | Hanna M. Owens | Arzu Ozkal | Florence Pacho | Sara Parent-Ramos | Brigid Parsons |  Amy Paul | Otilia Pelyva | Norma Pizarro | Pam Pritzker | Lee Puffer | Terrilynn Quick | Alison Ragguette | Jacqueline Ramirez |  Sonya Redi | Helen Redman | Sasha Koozel Reibstein | Marisol Rendón | Renee Richetts | Maryann Riker | Rebecca Romani | Rebecca Romani |  Ginger Rosser | Marilyn Rudoff | Louise Russell | Victoria Rutherford | Gail Schneider | Nichole Senter | Barbara Sexton | Barbara Smith |  Sophia Sobko | Cheryl Sorg | Jennifer Spencer | Eileen Sprague | Katrina St. Aubin | Cameryn Stone | Anna Stump | Shannon Sullivan |  Mitzi Summers | Lynn Susholtz | Naimeh Tanha | Kelly Telebrico | Amber Thackeray | Pamela Underwood | Trish Vernazza | Vix Walker |  Vicki Walsh | Melissa Walter | Janine Wareham | Allison Wiese | Arin Wiggins | Nova Williams | Helen Wilson | Wendy Wilson-Gibson |  Beatrice Wolert | Lindsey Wolf | Caitlin Wolle | Brandy Worsfold | Ellen (Jing) Xu | Nora Yeremina | Cindy Zimmerman

Special thanks to Lea Marie Dennis and Home Kitchen Culture for raising $2,000 in cookie sales at the opening reception and to Betty Bangs for the setting the beat with her Nasty DJ skills at the closing reception. To Mission Brewery for so very much IPA and L+L Printers for additional support.

Where: Helmuth Projects, San Diego, CA

Opening Reception: Jan. 21 from 2 – 8 PM

Closing: Jan. 28, from 6-9 PM


With $18,000 raised – 100% of the proceeds from art sales went to Planned Parenthood, The San Diego LGBT Community Center, or La Maestra Community Health Centers.  


Meet the Organizers


Sasha Koozel Reibstein is a mixed media artist and currently Head of the Ceramics Program at Palomar College and the Gallery Director at the Boehm Gallery in San Marcos, CA.  In recent years, Sasha has traveled extensively, working and exhibiting in China, Denmark, Hungary and Germany.  Sasha’s sculptural works and installations that have been featured in over 70 national and international exhibitions including a solo exhibition in Berlin entitled, “New World” and at The Mutter Museum, The International Mingei Museum, The American Museum of Ceramic Art, The Atteleboro Museum, The San Diego Art Institute, The California Center for the Arts and The Morris Graves Museum. Her works are simultaneously confrontational and elegant, questioning our relationship with the physical world, from the environment in which we live to our own bodies. In 2016, Sasha was nominated for the Art Prize in her home city, San Diego, CA, where she shares a home and studio with two bad hombres, her husband and fellow artist, Jones von Jonestein and their son, Grayson.


Barbara is a graphic designer, photographer, and artist living in San Diego, CA where she is raising two beautiful Nasty Daughters. She is very happy to be channeling her political angst into helping on the digital end of this amazing project. Barbara is also one of the organizers of the NYC Nasty Women Exhibition, along with other Camp Fiore alumni, Jessamyn Fiore, Roxanne Jackson, Angel Bellaran, and Young Sun Han.


Kara West is a librarian and exhibition manager at the San Diego Public Library. A San Diego native, Kara earned her MLIS from San Jose State University and a B.A. in Art History from UC Santa Cruz. Equally happy in a library or museum, she has a fear of being more than 10 feet from a cardigan and frequently finds herself giddy over hanging hardware and good didactic labels.  She lives in a houseful of bad hombres.


Tara Centybear, has worked as a curator focusing on interactive, accessible fine art exhibitions in museums throughout the San Diego region for the last decade. In addition to her curatorial work, she is a contemporary artist, producing and exhibiting paintings that center on the formative nature of our worst life experiences on our current self.  A fan of all things dead her current body of work depicts dead birds and birds in struggle. Centybear is Collections Manager/Curator at the San Diego History Center where she runs their Art Initiative concentrating on exhibiting contemporary and historical San Diego Artists.  When she can teaches as an adjunct drawing instructor at MiraCosta College. She holds a Masters of Fine Art from Goldsmith’s College, University of London and a Bachelors of Fine art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  


Josh Pavlick is a multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited with Abrons, New Langton, Queen’s Nails, SPACE, Hamiltonian, ATA, de Young, Wassaic and Bijou.  He is a contributing member of URADNZA, a collaborating artist with Whoop Dee Doo and has been the onsite Facilities Resident for Helmuth Projects since 2011.  Pavlick earned a BFA from SFAI in 2007 and is currently considering the possibility of maybe starting to think about graduate school.